Antique Oil Painting

BIG 24 Antique Victorian Oil Painting Country Folk Art Still LIfe Roses Floral Large Circa 1900 Sisters Summer Garden Landscape Flowers John Shirley FOX Antique FEDERAL Southern GENTLEMAN Plantation Owner Oil PORTRAIT Painting c1850s Superb Antique English Painting Ernest W. Appleby 1889 Oil on Canvas Gilt Frame Antique Oil French Impressionist painting Landscape haystack Gustave CARIOT
Large 19th Century English Newlyn School Girl Portrait Antique Oil Painting Antique American Impressionism Painting Landscape Impressionist Canyon Mountains Oil On Canvas Ship At Sea. Antique 1700s Picture Framing How To Make A Picture Frame Look Antique Antique Painting BULLDOG Large Original Oil on Canvas Vintage Bull Dog Portrait
Large 18th Century British Royal Navy Marine Oil Ship Sailing Thomas LUNY Huge 19th Century Greek Classical Icon St George & Dragon Antique Oil Painting Big Antique 30 Original Oil Painting COWS Country Folk Art FARM BARN RIVER Removing Aged Varnish From Antique Painting Relaaax 19th Century Italian Appian Way Rome Landscape Ruins Edward LEAR Oil Painting
Large 19th Century French The Angel Portrait by Edgard Maxence (1871-1954) Old Master Art Antique Portrait Gentleman on Horse Oil Painting Unframed 30x40 19th Century English Moonlit Ship Sailing Seascape FREDERICK WILLIAM MEYER Antique Valletta old master oil painting Antique 16C-17C Giant Baroque Portrait Oil on Canvas ing receives a Messenger
Adam Barland (fl. 1843-1875) Fine 19th C English Landscape Oil Painting Antique PAIR Antique Oil on Canvas Still Life Paintings Framed Flowers By S E HUGHES p24 17th Century Italian Old Master Bathsheba Bathing Nude Antique Oil Painting 18th Century Master Portrait of a Girl White Dress Oil Painting Joshua REYNOLDS 16th Century Flemish Antwerp Old Master Portrait Of A Lady Joos Van Cleve
Antique Oil Painting Barbizon School French landscape Horse Rider Cottage FRAME Old Master-Art Portrait Antique Oil Painting girl Noblewoman on canvas 30x40 Linseed Oil U0026 Turpentine For Cleaning Antique Furniture Antique Furniture Care Huge 18th 19th Century Dutch Fishing Ships In An Estuary Antique Oil Painting Large Early 20th Century Portrait Of A Woman Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920)
19th Century English School Yorkshire Terrier Dog Portrait Edwin Henry Landseer Fine Huge 18th Century French Portrait of A Girl Antique Jean-Baptiste GREUZE Antique 19th C. Hudson River School Oil Painting Lake George, N. Y. By J. Burgess Antique/ Vintage Small Impressionist Painting Unsigned Mystery Artist Antique Painting With Carved Frame Impressionist Old Impressionist Ocean Coast
Antique Impressionism Painting Signed Landscape American Mystery Impressionist Antique 19th Century Botanical Still Life Oil on Canvas Signed Painting Floral Large 20th Century Belgian Barn Scene Spaniel Puppies & Chicks J. W. Van Trirum Edna Marrett Wilcocks ANTIQUE PAINTING EARLY IMPRESSIONISM INDUSTRIAL URBAN CITY Art Frames Conservation
Edna Marrett Wilcocks ANTIQUE PAINTING REGIONALISM LANDSCAPE IMPRESSIONIST OLD RARE Bernie Woodman Sailors Valentine With Ship Oil Painting CJ Guise Shell Art Large Italian 17th Century Old Master Flowers Tulips Roses Iris Still Life NUZZI 16th Century Italian Renaissance Old Master Adoration Of The Magi Raphael Edna Marrett Wilcocks (1887 1969) PAINTING ANTIQUE AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISM CA
Beautiful 15.5x13.5 Framed Rare Oil Painting Cow Farm Antique Style Edna Marrett Wilcocks ANTIQUE PAINTING REGIONALISM SEASCAPE IMPRESSIONIST COAST Vintage Antique Mystery Painting American Impressionism Landscape Woods Forest Antique Oil on Canvas American Landscape Painting Signed T. E. Cooper 1911

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