Antique Oil Painting

Antique oil painting Pansies Floral On Canvas 1880s With Frame Large 18th Century Italian Old Master Lamentation Of Christ Antique Oil Painting Antique Oil 19th French Impressionist painting Lake in French by Leon LAUNAY VERY FINE ANTIQUE 18thC ITALIAN OLD MASTER OIL PORTRAIT PAINTING OF THE MADONNA Old Master Art Antique Portrait Girl with a Mantle Oil Painting Unframed 30x40
Large 17th Century Portrait Of Queen Henrietta Maria ANTIQUE French Master Oil Painting HORSE & HOUNDS IN A LOOSE BOX Signed c1870 Vintage Old Oil Painting On Canvas 2 Exhibited Antique Rare French Impressionist Oil Painting Signed Jean Adler 19c Charles Zacharie Landelle Antique Oil Painting Portrait Orientalist Lady Signed
ATQ 1800 Brass Victorian Electrified Oil GWTW Banquet Parlor Lamp Hand Painted Stunning Antique Impressionist Bluebonnet Floral Texas Landscape, Nice 19th Century English Lady Waiting Portrait Antique Oil Painting Thomas COWPER 19th c. Portrait Painting Lady Woman Oil on Canvas Antique American School 1 of 2 19th c. Portrait Paintings Lady Woman Wife Oil on Canvas Antique
Pair of Antique 19th. Oil Formal Portrait Paintings of a Gentleman & Lady (j1) 19th Century Portrait Of A Terrier Brandy Antique Dog Oil Painting R S MOSELEY Asmr Antique Oil Painting With Swedish King S Deathmask Fine Large 19th Century Nude Girl Flowers Portrait Study Alfred SCHWARZSCHILD Large 17th Century Italian Old Master The Deposition Christ Antique TITIAN
Robert Morley Rba Signed Original Antique Oil Painting On Panel, Toad Vs Beetle 16th Century European Old Master Court Lady Portrait As Sybil In Prayer Louis Gabriel Eugene Isabey Interest Antique Marine Oil Painting SMUGGLERS 1924 Impressionist Still Life Languishing Roses Flowers WILLIAM J. WOOD Painting Large 19th Century British Ships Sailing Off The Coast Marine Antique Oil J LYNN
Water Nymphs Antique Oil Painting by Louis Perrey (French, b. 1856) Fine 16th Century Italian Renaissance Old Master Madonna & Baby Oil On Panel Antique Parlor SIGNED Gone With The Wind Oil Lamp Hand Painted Roses FRANCIS JAMIESON VICTORIAN ANTIQUE SCOTTISH HIGHLAND LANDSCAPE Glencoe Antique Oil Painting Portrait Of Oliver Cromwell In Need Of Some Restoration
Large 19th Century English River Frome Sunset Dorset Landscape Arthur FRIEDENSON Large 18th Century English Duchess Of Marlborough Gold Dress Godfrey KNELLER Francis Jamieson Huge Victorian Antique Scottish Highland Landscape Riccardo Bianchi 1854-1936 ORIGINAL Still Life Oil Painting on Canvas Antique Fabulous Americana Folk Art Antique 19th Century Oil Painted Head Cloth Rag Girl
L. S. Lowry, typical scene of the time, rare Oil Painting. A rainy afternoon Museum quality. Antique Danish Interior with sleeping lady. Signed. 1880 Vintage Ed Gleeman EXHIBITED MINN Abstract Figurative Lg Oil Painting 1960s MCM Pair Antique English School Oil Portraits Of Lady Happner & Lord Fon Welton Art Gallery Cardinal Cushing S Madonna Child Catholic Religious Antique Painting
Antique oil painting Impressionist Georges DELOY (1856-1930) Boat Saint Tropez Huge 17th Century Dutch School Old Master Still Life Flowers In A Vase Painting Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Martyr Saint Catherine Guido RENI Painting Fine Large 19thC Antique French Paris Belle Portrait Oil Painting Beautiful Girl Large 16th Century Italian Old Master Noble Gentleman Portrait MONTEMEZZANO
Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Hagar & Ismael Wilderness Angel Eugene Petit 1839-1886 Antique Original Oil On Canvas Painting Hunting Scene Dog Antique c 1920s Oil Painting of New York City Cityscape Impressionist 19c Antique Norwegian Folk Art Oil Painting on Canvas, Whaling

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