Antique Oil Painting

Antique Early American Landscape Painting Mount Hood Oregon Impressionism Old Early 20th Century English Portrait Of A Hound Dog by Ken Noble Antique Painting Antique Copy Of An Impressionist Nude Portrait Painting Large Circa 1900 St Ives Cornwall Seascape Julius OLSSON Antique Oil Painting Huge 19th Century Scottish Impressionist Lady Portrait White Dress MACRITCHIE
15th 16th Century Italian Renaissance Saint & Sword Icon Gold Panel Painting Alta West Salisbury Painting Antique Panama Canal Indutrial Regionalism Marina 15th 16th Century Style Gold Old Master Ava Maria Madonna & Christ Old Master Fine Large 17th Century English Portrait of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Set Of 4 17th 18th Century Dutch Town River Street Scene Landscapes Antique
Huge 18th 19th Century French Fete Galante Garden Party Jean Antoine Watteau Baroque Nude Lady Antique Italian 17th Cntury Painting Francesco Trevisani Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Coronation Of The Virgin Madonna Guido RENI Large Finest William Judson Painting Antique Desert Sunrise Or Sunset Landscape Finest Hernando Villa Landscape Painting Antique American Winter Mountains Old
Antique Early California Painting Coast Seascape Landscape Rare Sylvain Tujague Important 19th Century French Revolution Liberty Eugène DELACROIX Oil Painting Old Master Art Antique Man Portrait of Gentleman Oil Painting Unframed 24x30 in Antique American Impressionism Small Gem Landscape Painting Mystery 1910's Antique American Painting Regionalism Landscape Impressionist California Early
George Olson Painting American Impressionism Landscape Antique Early California Antique Old Early California Plein Air Painting Landscape 1920's Impressionist J. P. FRASER (XIX) Antique OIL Painting Board Portrait Female Signed Fine 18th Century Italian Old Master The Angel Of The Annunciation & Flowers Antique Portrait Painting Early American Minneapolis Minnesota 1870's Harmson
16th Century Italian Old Master Madonna Infant Christ St John LEONARDO DA VINCI Antique Early American Landscape Painting California Desert Impressionism Old Large 19th Century English Moonlit Lake Landscape Sebastian PETHER (1790-1844) The Conservation Of A Cornelius Janssens Portrait Asmr Ish Large 15th 16th Century Italian Old Master Madonna & Child Oil Lorenzo DI CREDI
Antique 19th Century Or Older Old Master Painting Portrait Icon Crucifixion Awesome L. S. Lowry oil painting Ladies and dog walking Antique American Sunset Glow Painting Gem Impressionism Art Deco Tonalism Era Antique 18th Century Old Master Painting Portrait Cusco Rare Icon Rare Madonna Pastoral Scene Fabulous Antique 19th Century French Oil on Board Painting
Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Roman Gods Ancient Ruins Landscape Bacchus Antique 19th Century Old Master Painting Portrait Museum Sold Icon Rare Madonna Large 19h Century English South Coast Seascape Shipping Marine Oil Henry MOORE 17th Century Old Master Atalanta & Meleager Gods Boar Hunt Charles LE BRUN 19th Century English Cattle Cows Sheep Resting Landscape Thomas Sidney Cooper
Large 19th Century Portrait Young Gentleman Joseph Walker Sir Thomas Lawrence Large 19th Century French Neo Classical Boy Nude Portrait Antique Oil Painting Large 19th Century Italian Venice Canal Rialto Bridge Landscape Antique Painting 19th Century Calves Sheep Dog Puppy & Vegetables Landscape George HORLOR Large 19th Century Cats & Dog Pomeranian China & Silver Antique Oil Painting
Large French Post Impressionist Erotic Lady Portrait Oil Painting Gerard DUREUX 1911 Pastoral Scene, Oil Painting Cow, Sheep, Horses, Farmer-a. D. Shattuck Plates Fine 19th Century Ladies Dress Shopping Interior Scene Frank HOBDEN Antique Antique Orientalist Painting Signed Russian Desert Soldiers Horses Men Old

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