Antique Oil Painting

Paul Cornoyer Painting Rare Madison Square 1890 Antique Americana Masterful Nyc Antique A Wilkins River And Landscape Scene Oil Painting Signed And Framed Large 19th Century French Lady In Red Interior Portrait by Henri Moreau Painting Antique 18th To 19th Century Russian Icon Painting Religious Relic Wood Panel Antique Painting Early Old California Wild Flower Landscape Sea Coastal Poppies
Antique Vintage Early California Gem Landscape Plein Air Impressionism Painting ANTIQUE 19th CENTURY OLD MASTER OIL PAINTING ORIGINAL 1820 MARIA Removing Specks And Mold From Two Paintings 2018 Antique Victorian Banquet Oil Lamp Hand Painted Roses GWTW Parlor Antique Style Oil on Canvas Interior Scene of an man admiring art
MID 20th C, Abstract Oil On Board, European School, Signed On Back Antique Realism Oil Painting Late 18th C. Portrait of a Gentleman European Art Antique 19th Century Portrait Oil Painting of Boy Child with Hoop American 19a 17th Century English Old Master Portrait Sarah Jennings Duchess Of Marlborough Antique Church Oil Painting By Jamin
Large 17th Century Dutch Old Master Flowers & Bird Still Life Vase Oil Painting Fine Antique 19th Century Victorian Oil Portrait Painting Gilt Gold Frame Large 19th Century Pre-Raphaelite Scottish Girl Corn Field Portrait James ARCHER Antique Gone With The Wind Oil Lamp Lion Head Hand Painted Parlor Converted Stunning Antique FOX HUNT SCENE Original OIL PAINTING SIGNED Horses Equestrian
Charles Claude Buck (1890 1974) Impressionist Painting Antique American Oil Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Highland Cattle Landscape, by G Clements STUNNING ANTIQUE PAINTING 1800s Victorian Roses oil on canvas Antique 19th Century Nocturnal Moonlit Oil Landscape Painting Fine Large Original Antique 19thC Victorian Night Oil Painting Atkinson Grimshaw
Justus Lunegard (swedish) Original 19th C Antique Coastal Landscape Oil Painting AGOSTINO AGLIO 1777-1857 TRAVELLERS CLASSICAL L/S SUNSET Antique Oil Painting Antique Neo gothic religious Tryptique oil panel angel Gabriel mary Annunciation William Hart Signed Hudson River School Waterfall Landscape Framed Oil Painting Large Antique Oil Painting Of Woman In Need Of Restoration
Large c. 1880s Milk Glass Hand Painted Floral GWTW Parlor Banquet Oil Lamp Winsoir & Newton antique paint artist box painting set Georges Rowney & Co SensationalJoan Gillchrest, v rare oil Painting of a fishing boat Cornwall Exquisite Antique Early California Old Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting Mystery Antique Painting Industrial Urban Abstract Expressionism Landscape Wpa Style
Oil Painting Sale Pasadena La Oil Paintings Large 17th Century Dutch Old Master Ahasuerus & Hamas Feast of Esther REMBRANDT Large Early 1900 English School Nude Male Model Portrait Jockstrap Antique Debris Of Struggle Knife Painting With Oil Huge 19th Century River Wharfe Yorkshire Landscape Cattle Sunset William Manners
Antique Oil painting 18th century Portrait Virgin Angel Raphael Carlo DOLCI Oil Painting Landscape Western Art Antique Vintage Pink Cloud Moon 121 MAX COLE Large 19th Century Scottish Death of A Soldier Drummer Boy Antique Oil Painting Large Early 19th Century English Portrait Of Roger Sturley Nunn & Riding Crop Fine Large 18th Century Portrait Lady Mrs Maria Cooper Antique Oil Painting
Huge 18th 19th Century Dutch Fishing Ships In An Estuary Antique Oil Painting Large 19th Century Jockey Horse Racing Scene Antique Oil Painting Henry ALKEN 19th Cent Antique Victorian Oil Painting Gypsy Girl Portrait Fine Art Canvas Large 19th Century English Portrait Of Lady Fisher Antique Painting John HOPPNER

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